Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Mini Break Makeup Bag

Well it is half term again and normally me and my family just go and visit the relatives over in Wales; however this time no one can race the rain that my grandparents have warned us about. So yesterday my mum booked us a three night stay on the Norfolk coast. Obviously it is a short break so I do not want to take too many items with me - only a little more than needed so I had to restrict my makeup and face washing products to my makeup bag. Some things are just too big to fit in it though so I'll have to find a place to put them but I thought I would share with you what I am taking along with me on this short break. 

Being a cheapskate any free thing is used and loved by me and this includes me new Clinique makeup bag that cam free as part of their bonus gift. I love this kit and as me and my mum are both self-confessed Clinique-addicts whenever they offer their free gifts we are off to our local John Lewis eyeing up the contents. It is very handy and surprisingly big.
 Skincare is very important to me so I must always bring something with me to help my skin otherwise my face turns into a massive mess of sports and swellings. Also the Simple makeup remover is my favourite and I never buy any other.

I have never used the Porefressional before and the Nivea moisturizer was recommended in style or something so I bought it the other day. 
 As I have big lips lip care during the winter months is very important to me. My favourite lip balm at the moment is the Vaseline one that you can see here but the Born Lippy one has lasted me literally years (nearly finished now). 
 Eye makeup is my favourite makeup and although I am not a big eyeliner wearer I find that the Benefit one is very good to add subtle eyeliner just behind my lashes. 
 These are my all-time favourite foundation and concealers and I constantly repurchase these.
 How could I go anywhere without my dry shampoo and body lotion? These don't fit in my makeup bag though but I thought I would included them anyway.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Another day, another lush shop

I spend too much money in lush. Way, way too much but it has become sort of an addiction - as soon as my lush pile runs dry I will go and spend £20-40 in there. See - it is bad. However they smell divine and look brilliant so I thought I would share with you my latest purchases.

A somewhat arty shot of my purchases - my bathroom is really ugly so I didn't want to do a wide shot and have to have readers witness the rubbish I call a 'bathroom'. 

This is the 'Fizzbanger' - something that I have been wanting to try for ages. It smells like sherbet and it quite a hefty bomb which can be a bad thing as I have found that they are more susceptible to cracking (and this one has).

Yes! I have finally bought 'Space Girl' and I hope it doesn't let me down. It isn't the most colourful one; however I love the shape and smell of it (I mean look at that hipster glitter)

I didn't actually want this as I am not a fan of rose smelling products so I would never have bought this. But as all the lush workers seem to be so lovely and happy the wonderful women behind the till gave this to me for free- it is the Rose Jam Bubbleroom if you didn't know. It has another half to it but that came apart (maybe that is why I got it for free - I have no idea).

I have never been a fan of bubble bars either - then I realised that I had been using them incorrectly. Yes I had been crumbling them up under the tap but my bath tap is weak so I find that the only way to get a lot of bubbles is to turn on my shower for a bit and use it's good old power-showerness to bring the fun back into my bath. It works a treat so I can not wait to use this cute little one in my next boring bath.

I have a little brother who loves Lush as much as I do so I always let him choose two or three things for us to get. (No more than that - after all i am the one paying for them!) He chose the Wizard Bubble bar and this Avobath which I am not a fan of so far. I find the smell a bit overpowering but maybe that is just me - my mum and my brother said they loved it but I am not so sure. It's going to have to be amazing when I use it. 

I turned my nose up at The Lord of Misrule last time I was in Lush, mainly because I thought the smell was way too strong; however after being told the the Northern Lights bomb had sold out I decided to get this instead and I hope it lives up to my expectations as it has had rave reviews from other bloggers.

My favourite purchase from yesterday was the Yog Nog soap that smells good enough to eat. I can not stop going to my bathroom and sniffing it. Ugh, it is gorgeous - I think I might need to go and wash my hands with it again ;).

Yesterdays bath choice was the Luxury Lush Bath Pud and it was lovely. I think it was meant to have a message inside but all that came out of mine was a tiny piece of paper with nothing on - just a small cube so maybe there was a mistake? I don't know and I do not care. I as so lovely and the small amount of glitter added a little extra and was a wonderful surprise when I realised (being very short sited means it takes me a while to notice these things!). I am definitely going to repurchase this! 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

(Not-so) Monthly Music

I decided to start Monthly Music a while back; however I think I only made one post before forgetting about it until today. So here I am going to talk about my favourite artists of the month or favourite songs or just something music related.

Artist one: Frightened Rabbit

Boy do I love this band. I have loved them for about two years now when I stumbled across State Hospital whilst trying to find a BBC documentary (which I didn't find in the end but who cares - I found this brilliant band instead). They aren't just a one hit wonder (in fact I don't think that they have had any 'hits' which is a shame as their music is great) and I used to thoroughly enjoy explore all of their songs during winter evenings. Then I forgot about them. Until a few weeks ago when I remembered them in a blissful moment and I have been listening to them every day since. They aren't going to be for everyone's taste but they don't include a heavy base or dubstep - it's just a good old band focused on making good music. 


  1.  State Hospital (My favourite)
  2. Swim Till You Can't See Land
  3. The Woodpile 
  4. Dead Now
  5. The Loneliness and the Scream  (My close second favourite)
Song Two: Secrets 

Secrets is by an artist called Mary Lambert - do you recognise her name? Well you might do as she featured on the hit Same Love and did the 'Keeps me warm' bit. So she has a killer voice but this song is more than that. It is all about all the things that society tells us that we should be ashamed of and her point is that there is no reason to be ashamed of such trivial things. There's being annoyed, or sad but there is no reason to ever be ashamed about something that you can't change. It is also a really upbeat and fun song.

  1. Secrets
Artist three: Kodaline 

I was a little late on this small bandwagon as my two friends have been listening to Kodaline for about a year beforeI even bothered to start listening to their music. Which I regret. Their music is beautiful and there isn't a song that I don't love. You must at least listen to one of their songs but I would thoroughly recommend that you buy the album as it is all brilliant music and it really is a brilliant collection.


Marina is back! I have said before how much I love the artist Marina and the Diamonds and after an almost three year break she has returned and is releasing a new album soon! She also released the title track Froot last Friday and it shocked me a bit at first as it was like her old music. This one still have the same clever and sarcastic lyrics; however it feels a little more dancy. The opening demands me of that annoying Whitney H track. But I didn't need to be convinced to like it as it is a brilliant song even if it is a bit upbeat for me. Plus the lyrics are just very clever like all of her other songs. 

Link: Froot

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

September Faves

Now it is the season for colds, flu and rain and whilst I am huddled under a blanket with a box of tissues underhand I felt like I should tell you my favourites of the last month. I had a lot of things for my birthday but I obviously can't include them all so if you are wondering what I got for it here is the link.

Thing number one:

Bath (the place). I love it there and I am glad that I do as I would like to go there and study psychology – it is a big dream of mine! I went there with my geography trip and I fell in love with the place. It’s so organized, pretty and the people there are so interesting. I want to go back again and again and just spend my time walking along the cobbled streets and nipping into the little bookshops. It is lovely and I would recommend anyone to go there.  

Favourite number two:

Lush. Lush is lush. Everything about lush is lush. The smell, the products, the organic side - actually the only issue is the price but you can get 7-ish bath bombs for £17 pounds so it is not that bad. I have had so many baths in the last month that I am going to post a big post about it when I have finished my last lush purchase but here is a collection of all the ones that I have used. 

Item Number Three:

I love myself skirts but as the nights draw in I have realised that my skirts are a bit too summery so I had to go and purchase a few. I love online shopping and I saw these skirts on the New Look website and I loved them. For only £10 they were clearly a bargain and they were a little longer than my other ones which is good for the winter months. I bought one in the burgundy colour and one in the black and they really are wonderful. I have a rather large bottom in comparison with my wait so I normally have to buy bigger sizes which is a pain as the skirts/jeans then fall down - but not these! These are elastic which is brilliant for all you 'little-in-the-middle-but-you've-got-much-back' girls. The only issue that I have with them is that the get creased easily but that is to be expect with the material.

Skirt link: Skirt

Item number four:

I love washing things and anything that makes you feel good on the outside and the inside so these are this month’s body/beauty favourites!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


This blog post is slightly more personal today for I felt the need to talk about my anxiety disorder as it has been really playing up recently and is begging for attention. So I will let it have it's attention and I was talk about it.

My Anxiety Story 

I have always been a worrier,I obsess about tiny things and I have a number of fears. I say that my fears have always been there - since the age of three I have always made sure that my parents concentrate 100% when driving and everything had be lock up before leaving the house.

These worries, the obsessions became a lot worse when I developed my first 'fear' - what is this? Tubes. I hate them. Going on one makes me feel sick and I just ave to breathe and try and get through it. Why I developed this fear his probably because for many reasons one of them being the 7/7 bombings. When these occurred my father was actually in London on a tube. Obviously when we went to pick him up I was way too young to understand the situation that had occurred but over the next several months I dawned on me. Now I can not go on Tube trains without focusing on not being sick. 

There is a list of other things that cause sick to rise in my throat and the butterflies to swamp me. But it wasn’t until a few years ago that anxiety began to really set in. I am a pretty outgoing person who can be very loud and very annoying. But there is the side of me that can’t focus on things if I think there is something wrong with me or if something has happened to cause all my sense to become very sharp. One prolonged look and I have to go to the toilet to calm myself down. Other days I couldn’t care less if I am having a spot breakout or if my hair is greasy or if I feel a bit fatter than usual. I feel as if I am on top of the world and people can just deal with it.

So these were the periods of anxiety that can last for a few days but it wasn’t until Christmas 2013 when I started to have anxiety and panic attacks. When trying to think if there was anything that could have triggered these all I can think about is me losing a very close friend of mine (I mean, they didn’t die but we stopped being friends and that turned to hate. It was hard). Could these have caused these anxiety attacks? Maybe, or I might have had a few before talking to him but I was rarely anxious during our friendship period as he was always there to calm me down.

So the reason for them starting is unclear and the end of these horrific attacks is not in sight. Some days if I have had a nightmare or there is something troubling me I can have over 20 in an hour and this is not just scary but it is also exhausting.  Last Friday I went to the doctors and my anxiety was confirmed but I don’t think this will change anything – I can just officially put it on medical records. Great.

What do my panic attacks feel like? 

Panic attacks depend on the person. I know someone who suffers nosebleeds when having them which are not like mine at all. When I have panic attacks the first thing that I notice is my breathing. When this happens I know that something is going to happen. I will often do some deep breathing or yawn to get this feeling to go – it rarely works the first few times but I think that it is just a reflex. Then follows the feeling of suffering for even though you CAN breathe my mind is telling me that I can’t. After this if this carries long and I am unable to take a deep enough breath then the pain sets in. The area around and below my chest feels as if it is tightening and then I really begin to panic. If it gets to this point my hands begin to shake and I start to have heart palpitations. These last for a maximum of four minutes and then I normally can catch my breath. Afterwards it is very common for me to feel headachy and lightheaded. Once I have had one of these I normally have three or four more during that hour (if it is a good day)

What do I do to calm myself down?

Finding something to take your mind off the panic attack will lessen the severity but it won’t stop one from happening. I like to listen to non-triggering music (so songs without bad memories). Particular favourites of mine are Kodaline, Marina and the Diamonds, David Gray and Lana Del Rey.

Another thing I have to do is do something with my hands like drawing or writing as I tend to pick at myself. So I pick at spots (ew, I know) or cuts or I will just scratch myself. I also have a major form of a not at all serious skin condition called Dermatographic urticarial so I will often scratch my arms and hands so my skin swells up. Unfortunately I have a habit of scratching too hard without realising so it’s common for small cuts to occur. This means that it is essential for me to do something so I don’t accidently hurt myself.

Another bad thing that I do it I eat rubbish food which is okay sometimes but if I am having a bad week it is not okay. I will often pour myself some water so I can just keep sipping at it. I am also a fan of taking a walk as exercise is great for anxiety – even if it is just a little stroll!

I think that I have anxiety. What can I do?

Well first of all make sure that you aren’t researching it too much before going to the doctor because this can make you think that is a lot worse than it actually is. You must go to the doctor to be diagnosed though – especially if you are like me and having breathing problems because it mayn’t be anxiety and something different. However when you go to the doctors don’t expect them to be very helpful – they are just GPs and they aren’t qualified in psychology so please don’t expect anything more to happen than this.

“I think I have anxiety – these are my symptoms…”

“Yes you do. Here are some beta-blockers. Come back in four weeks.”

“Oh, okay.”

They aren’t going to spend twenty minutes giving you mediocre advice when you could get a professional to do that.

When you have you diagnosis and if it is bad enough to get medication don’t get it straight away. Go and do your research. For anxiety it is better that they don’t prescribe you anything that could cause long term addiction or be used regularly for years. It is not good for your health and should only be given as a last resort. So if your GP has given you something like diazepam question them about this ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18.

Talk to people. The charity Mind is brilliant for explain a lot of mental disorders and the treatment. It is a truly brilliant and I would recommend it to anyone as they helped me a lot and they are lovely people. There are other sites like Childline and Young Minds. I will link them all at the end of this blog post.

Lastly, don’t panic. Yes this seems very ironic but you don’t need to worry about going to the doctors or talking to your school or peers. Nowadays anxiety is such a very common thing and people are very used to it being there. Schools are well trained to help students who suffer with panic attacks and the teachers will not judge you.

If you are worried about talking to your parents you are allowed to go to your local GP by yourself and they GPs will be very understanding. I do not know if this is the same in other countries but the majority of my audience is from the UK and it is fine here. If you are still worried about how they will react you are entitled to ask if they have a doctor with psychology qualifications.
Also if you need to talk to someone about this feel free to email me questions or contact me on my Tumblr account.

Please remember

You must seek help with anxiety for it ‘won’t just go away’ and it is a SERIOUS illness as it can often lead onto other illnesses like depression. If you go to your GP they will be able to monitor you for other symptoms and may be able to get you to have some CBT help (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and there may be other services available. Use the things available to you as everyone is there to help you not to humiliate or to hurt you. These are people you can trust and they will help you as much as they can.



Sunday, 5 October 2014

Ways To Feel Wonderful #1

To make yourself feel wonderful mentally try to make yourself feel wonderful physically. It's clean that I love myself baths and showers and body cream and face wash and body scrubs and body washes and stuff that is made to make your skin feel good and look good. Now, I normally say that my favourite body wash is one on the Soap and Glory ones or something like that but for my birthday I was given a big bottle of goodness a.k.a body wash from the Little Bubble Co. 

Whenever I go shopping in Waitrose I make sure I sniff all the different types. My favourite is by far the Vanilla Biscuit which is to die for. It is uplifting and the smell is strong but not over powering. I also got the Ginger Spiced Tart and although it is lovely I think that I prefer the Vanilla Biscuit. Using these makes me very happy and makes my bathroom smell like happiness and cooking. It’s delicious.

Another thing that makes me feel great is feeding the birds. Now, it’s never quite Mary Poppins style but it is something I love to do. I used to save up a load of my money to buy fat balls and seed and peanuts for the birds but I normally don’t do this in the summer. But now as the nights have become very cold and there is frost on the grass in the morning I have decided to start buying them again. This little thing always makes me feel like I am doing something for the environment and it puts me in a good mood for a bit.